Have your music critiqued by industry professionals

We are a team of professional music producers, engineers and musicians that are here to help you with your music.

We will listen to your songs and critique them to our standards. We collectively have 7 Gold and Platinum records. Multiple placements, 12 Grammy nominations, 3 Emmy nominations, 1 Emmy win and an Academy Award submission for best original song.

Before you send your songs off to a major label or publishing house, let us take a listen and give suggestions as to how your music can be the best it can be. AND, the best part is, it’s only $5.00 per song.

For $5.00 you will get:

  • Your songs will be heard by industry professionals.
  • We will offer suggestions as to how your song can be made more commercially relevant regarding quality and playability.
  • We will also compare your songs technically to other songs in the same genre and give suggestions as to how and why your song may sound different and what you can do to make it fit better next to a commercial release.
  • We can also offer suggestions as to where your song should be pitched and to whom.
  • If needed, we can refer you to other professionals to make your songs as great as they should be. Mix engineers, Mastering Engineers, Producers. Arrangers and Label Execs.

All of this for only $5.00 per song!


There is no obligation. If you are not 100% satisfied with our critique, we will refund your money!

“These guys are great! They took one of my songs and offered up suggestions that made perfect sense and now my song is playing on the radio. Thanks Guys!”

                 – Otto Diaz, Echo Park, CA

Thanks so much the feedback!  Really appreciate you taking the time and giving me such a thorough critique.

     – Vince

The critique service is only $5 per song. Please fill out the form and attach your songs then use the PayPal link to pay your $5 and we will return our suggestions to you within 24 hours
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